Regulations of the ‘Christmas with Ziaja’ Contest


1.1. The Contest under the name ‘Christmas with Ziaja’ (hereinafter referred to as: ‘Contest’) is organized by Ziaja Ltd with its headquarters in Gdansk, 9 Jesienna Street, 80-298 Gdansk (hereinafter referred to as: ‘Organizer’).
1.2. The Contest is organized under the terms of these Regulations (hereinafter referred to as: ‘Regulations’) and in accordance with the applicable laws.
1.3. The Contest Regulations are available at the headquarters of the Organizer.
1.4. The Contest Participant should have full legal capacity.
1.5. The Contest is not open to employees of the Organizer and other persons cooperating in the organization of the Contest, as well as family members of the above-mentioned employees and associates.
1.6. Prizes for the winners of the Contest are:
1) Caramelized Almond Line including:
2) Christmas voucher for 7 Ziaja products of your choice, chosen from the website

1.7. The funder and promisor of the prizes is: Ziaja Ltd, 9 Jesienna Street, 80-298 Gdansk.


2.1. The Contest will be announced and carried out on the Ziaja International profile (announcement of the Contest):
2.2. The Contest is expected to take place from 1st December till 16th December and will be announced on the date of the Contest announcement on the Ziaja International profile:
2.3. Selection and the list of Contest Winners containing their Instagram profile names, who took part in the Contest with their own profiles on the website, will be announced no later than 7 days within the last day of the Contest, i.e. to 23rd of December.


3.1. To take part in the Contest a Participant should make a Contest Entry that consist of the following steps:
3.1.1. Follow Ziaja International profile on Instagram
3.1.2. Take and share a photo of any Ziaja product surrounded by Christmas-like atmosphere
3.1.3. Tag the photo with hashtags: #ziajacontest and #christmaswithziaja
3.1.4. Set the profile settings to public
3.2. Of all the Entries, within 7 days from the end of the Contest, the Selecting Board will choose 10 winning Entries. When selecting the best Entries the Selecting Board will make a decision at its discretion, taking into consideration: accordance with the theme, creativity, aesthetics, technical correctness of the taken photo and secondary (in terms of criteria’s importance) description of the picture. The Selecting Board will evaluate Entries solely due to the above-mentioned criteria. All the other aspects of Entries will not be evaluated.
3.3. One Participant can post more than one Entry, but can be the Winner only of one Prize.
3.4. The Participants will be informed about the winning through a post with the List of Contest Winners on the Ziaja International profile. List of Contest Winners will include profile names from which the awarded Contest Entries were made.
3.5. The Organizer declares that the personal data including: name, mobile or landline phone number, email or home address will be collected from the Winners only in order to ship the Prize and will not be processed by the Organizer or shared with others. Data submission is voluntary.
3.6. Author’s economic rights to the works submitted by the Participants should belong to the Contest Participants. Participants grant the Organizer a non-exclusive license to submitted Contest Entry as a part of the Contest works (answer to the question), without territorial restrictions, for the duration of Contest for fields of use of public access in such a way that everyone can have access at an individually chosen place and time.
3.7. Entries must be a unique content, created specifically for the Contest. Photos already available on the Internet, on other websites, will be disqualified.
3.8. Contest Entries must not contain content contrary to public policy or to accepted principles of morality. The Participant takes full responsibility for the content in the Entry.
3.9. Entries incompatible with the Regulations or the ones containing content described in the preceding section will not be taken into consideration in the Contest.


4.1. Winners will be selected as a result of the procedure described in section 3 no later than until the date specified in section 2.3 above.
4.2. The Participants will be informed about the winning through a post with the List of Contest Winners on the Ziaja International profile no later than until the date specified in section 2.3 of these Regulations.
4.3. The promisor of awards states that the value of each prize provided under this Contest does not exceed 760 PLN net, referred to in Article 21, Paragraph 1, Section 68 of the Act of 26 July 1991 on income tax from individuals (Bulletin of Acts No. 90 from 1993, item 416 as amended), therefore these awards are free of income tax.
4.4. The Prize for each Winner will be sent by post at the expense of the Organizer under the address indicated by the Winner within 28 days from the date of announcement of the results.
4.5. If the Winner does not collect the Prize within 14 days of the date of making it available for the Winner, the right to the Prize expires.
4.6. The Winners have the right to choose the Prize solely under the provisions included in sections 1.6 of these Regulations.
4.7. The Contest is international; both persons staying inside and outside of the Territory of the Republic of Poland can take part in it.


5.1. In order to enable the earliest possible disqualification of Participants breaking Terms of the Contest, please report any violations of the Regulations by Participants taking part in the Contest immediately on e-mail address:
5.2. Participants should submit complaints concerning the Contest after its end in writing within 40 days from the date of publication on the Ziaja International on the Organizer's address:
Ziaja Ltd Drug Production Plant, 80-298 Gdansk, 9 Jesienna Street with a note that reads: Complaint – ‘Christmas with Ziaja’ Contest. Complaints must be sent by registered mail. The postmark date will serve as proof.
5.3. A written complaint should include the name, address and phone number, as well as a detailed description and justification of the complaint.
5.4. Complaints will be considered by the Complaint Commission (hereinafter referred to as: ‘Commission’) appointed by the Organizer.
5.5. The Commission will consider complaints of Participants on the basis of these Regulations.
5.6. The Commission will consider a complaint within 14 days of its delivery.
5.7. The person submitting complaint will receive the Commission's decision in writing on the address given by the Participant.